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About us

We are Let's Build That Site

Website and online marketing company

We live in an age where a website is not only used as a business card anymore. In fact, your website should be your hardest-working employee! For that reason exact reason Let’s Build That Site was started.

Our mission is to help (small or big) business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs like yourself with a website that can easily clarify your message to your audience, bring in more clients and grow your profit.

Today Let’s Build That Site is mainly active on Caribbean islands such as Sint. Maarten, Saba, Sint. Eustatius, Aruba, Bonaire, and Trinidad, and countries in Europe namely The Netherlands,  and in the USA, mainly New York, Ohio and Florida.

Meet Kev The Builder

Website designer, Coach, Entrepreneur

My name is Kevin Jefferson a.k.a Kev The Builder. 
More than 5 years ago I started my own website design and marketing journey and shortly after I became a student of the industry.

I’ve tested various ways, methods and techniques to form my own unique style. In 2020, I officially launched my own website design and online marketing business ‘Let’s Build That Site’.

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