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About De Hairextensions Beautique

De Hairextensions Beautique is a hair salon specialised in hairextensions. Their mission is to give every woman the feeling that she is beautiful and we do this by creating a full head of hair.

They recently just started their business in 2021 and have already seen outstanding results. Their website has easily generated on average 112 visitors per month. Meaning more customers for their business.

Search engines

Search results

After a diligent competitive and keyword analysis we determined a list of keywords De Hairextensions Beautique could rank for easily and gain tons of traffic:

1. Hairextensions groningen: 210 visitors per month.
2. Hairweave groningen: 120 visitors per month.

We have also provided the business with blogs which has also helped in increasing her traffic. Because of this, she has the potential to receive the majority of 330 monthly visitors to her website alone via search.

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Google is the best

Google Ads

We set up the Google Ads campaigns for De Hairextensions Beautique in a structured manner. We made a separate campaign for each city within a 25 km radius. This makes it easy for us to analyse each campaign.

Every month we monitor the ads to ensure that she is getting De Hairextensions Beautique to return on investment.

Finishing touches

Results over the past months

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