How we helped Hairextensions Groningen average Є4500 in her first 7 months of business

The problem

Hairextensions Beautique specialises in providing women in Groningen with hairextensions. 

It is a very unique concept that is very new in Groningen.

Hairextensions Beautique came to us because they wanted to scale their business both online and offline. The had a very unique concept and want to grow as quick as possible. 

In the next part you can see how we help Hairextensions Beautique grow their business into one of the best hairextensions business in Groningen in a matter of months.

The solution

After meeting the owner of the Hairextensions Beautique we came up with a unique strategy that we implemented for the following 7 months.

This strategy consisted of us building their website, providing him with content for his social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok and Facebook) and website and also taking care of their blogging, search engine optimisation and Google ads to generate more traffic to their business.

The results

As of today, The Hairextensions Beautique has grown enormously. The business has gone on to generate €4500 a month in the first 7 months. The company has also grown their social media platform at an efficient rate.

For every 5 followers they obtain, 1 becomes a client. However, they obtain most of their clients they from search engines (SEO and Google Ads). They are currently ranked number for the search term ‘Hairextensions Groningen’ which has a search volume of 300 per month.

The Google Ads has also been productive. They spend €100 per month on Google ADS and in return they get €3000 in sales.