How we helped Uriel Spiritual Healing grow her online presence using social media

The problem

At the beginning of Jan 2022 Uriel came to us looking to the social presence of her business called Uriel Spiritual Healing.

She admitted to not having much experience with the whole online and social media world but she was committed to growing her business.

So of course we were determined to help her grow her platform online.

The solution

After meeting with Uriel a couple of times we came up with a strategy that we implemented for the next few months.

This strategy consisted of us creating her website and providing her content for her current Instagram page.

She had already had her Instagram page, but we made some changes to give it a more personal feel and connect more with her audience.

The results

As of today, Uriel Spiritual Healing has been growing consistently and she has been seeing more engagement from her following and new followers.

The goal now is to keep pushing more content that can engage her audience more and give her more clients for her business.